August 01, 2010

Without The PAIN Someone is ALIVE!

I couldn't have been more wrong
I thought that I could SMILE
Nod my way through it
PRETEND like it would all be ok

I wanted to change who I was
Created a life as someone NEW
Someone without the PAST

WITHOUT the PAIN, someone is ALIVE

But it's not that easy
The bad things stay with you
They follow you
You can't escape them
aA much as you want to

All you can do is to be READY for the good
So, when IT comes
You invite it IN
Because you need it
I need it!

(TheVampireDiaries, 2010)

1 comment:

♥ zoe ana ♥ said...

i wish i could delete my past. but then again, remember, all those things make us stronger. if not because of whutever happened in the past, we wouldnt be here, stronger than before. kan?